Helpful Animals For Your Garden

When a person has a garden, they seek the best to keep animals out and away from their plants. They do not want the animals eating the plants or sitting on them. While you might encounter the invasion of unwanted guests, note that there are some animals/pets that can help a garden flourish; without major disruptions. If you notice the slightest trace of pests, do research onĀ pest control phoenix and contact the nearest professional to handle the situation before it gets worse.


A cat can help keep some critters out of the garden. Cats trap and eat mice, gophers, and rats which will eat the plants. Cats have been used to keep the mice out of barns for years. Now a family can get help from their household pet and keep critters from eating their plants. These critters are also repelled by the odor of the cat and will not come around if they can sense it.

If there is an owl hanging out close by they can actually help a person and their garden. Owls eat rodents, birds, and some forms of insects that can be getting into the garden and eating the plants. When a person sees an owl close by they should leave it alone. The owl will actually be helping by keeping the pests away from the garden. Barn owls are commonly kept on farms and now it is easy to figure out why farmers are found of the owls.

Song Birds
While some types of birds can harm a garden others can help keep pests out. Song birds feel on a number of different insects. The birds will eat the insects before the insects can begin eating the vegetables that are being grown in the garden. A person can attract birds to their yards by putting out bird feeders and birdbaths. The birds will come to the area and they will find an endless supply of food.


These common household pets can help keep bugs and other harmful creatures away from the garden. They also go after small critters and will chase them away. When having a dog protect the garden it is recommended to put a fence around the plants. This will help prevent the dog from accidentally stepping on the plants when they are after a critter or when they are looking to play.

While many people think that animals harm the garden these ones prove that theory wrong. These common animals will actually help protect the garden. They will keep smaller critters and insects away from the garden so that a person can eat the vegetables and not the animals.