History & Mission

Since 1984, GOLincolnGO has organized hundreds of events. There is something cooking nearly every month during the year.

Most events are annual, like Celebrate Lincoln and Star City Holiday Parade, but every year we try new and different events that bring excitement to Downtown Lincoln.

Our Mission
GOLincolnGO is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization that exists to enhance the social, cultural and economic vitality of Downtown Lincoln through the production of special events.

To carry out its mission, GOLincolnGO will:

  • Educate its members and the general public about the history of, current issues facing, and the future prospects for, Downtown Lincoln;
  • Promote awareness of the benefits of a healthy and vital Downtown for the entire City of Lincoln;
  • Create, organize and produce events, workshops and activities to draw and hold people Downtown;
  • Assist and cooperate with charitable and civic activities to improve and enhance the quality of life Downtown; and
  • Provide a setting for a diverse membership to interact and develop a sense of a Downtown community.

Our Vision
GOLincolnGO will be the leader in event production, consulting and training.

Our History
The Downtown Lincoln Association organized Updowntowners as a resource for human "energy" to produce Downtown events. Membership has grown steadily, and today nearly 300 people have joined the organization now named GOLincolnGO, committed to work on events and projects that will focus the community's attention on Downtown.

In 2000 Updowntowners became Updowntowners, Inc. under the Downtown Lincoln Association as the preeminent events production corporation for Downtown Lincoln. In 2010, Updowntowners changed its name to GOLincolnGO to represent the energy and spirit that members, volunteers, sponsors and staff bring to the events the organization produces to make Lincoln a better place to live, work and play. Our commitment to enhance the vitality of Downtown Lincoln through event production is even stronger and we invite you to become a part of the experience.

206 S. 13th Street, Suite 101
Lincoln, NE 68508

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Phone: 402-434-6900
Email: info@golincolngo.com